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Carousal XXV
South Lake Tahoe
Lakeland Village Resort
August 19-22, 2010

Howard F. Pete B.
Scott H. Steve H.
Mike F. Jim G.
Len R. Chris W.
Kirk H. Mike L.
Warren C. Michael V.
Pat L. Terry M.
David C. Gary N.
Lakeland Village

"His Indian-name is 'Scrotum Chin'".


From Chris W

Thanks Pat!

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I�m working a half day Thursday and plan to be up there around 3 or 4pm with my toes in the water, ass in the sand not a worry in the world a cool beer in my hand. Cheers to ZBB

Mike L


Carousal XXV

Huzzah! Great news blows North towards the mighty Sierra Nevada - again, the Carousal cometh!

2010 Committee for the 25th Annual Carousal



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