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north lake tahoe
tahoe taverns
may 29-31, 2009

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howard f.pete b.
scott h.steve h.
mike f.craig t.
mark g.ken b.
mike l.chris w.
pat l.joe. b.
sean c.kirk h.
len r.dan i.
creechsean d.
kevin w.brian m.
dennis m.


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huzzah! great news blows north towards the mighty sierra nevada - the carousal cometh!

recession-proof, mood-enhancing and a bellyful of giggles, the carousal will celebrate 2009 in the grand splendor of tahoe! kayaking, golf, mountain biking, river rafting, bocce, fishing, croquet, frisbee, guiding atvs down the rubicon trail, and much time spent in quiet and not-so-quiet contemplation of the cold beer you have enjoyed and those still before you. come enjoy the grandeur that is tahoe with your life-long comrades and drinking assistants. excelsior, and to the battlements!

2009 committee for the 24th annual carousal

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