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Carousal XXVI
Sedona, AZ
May 13-16, 2011

Pete B. Howard F.
Scott H. Gary N.
Kirk H. Mark G.
David C. Steve H.
Terry M. Sean D.
Ken B. Craig T.
Mike T. Dan I.
Craig G. Joe B.
Dennis M. 


All the good shots

Join Us!

Red sandstone and indigo sky. Cathedrals of rock rise majestically under the blazing sun, commanding respect and obeisance from all those that wander this desolate track. This coming May 2011, we will walk the desert, to search as our forefathers and spirit guides did in the early days of the Yuvapai and Apache - something to quench the longing in our hearts and the thirst in our bellies. This is Sedona, pride of the Sonoran Desert, and the Carousal is landing there May 13-16, 2011.

Golf, rafting, bocce, frisbee, fishing, and some of the finest hiking and mountain biking in the world, all surrounded by breathtaking vistas and endless beauty. Come join us for the 26th gathering of the Carousers. Come four-wheel through the paths of the Ancients. Come wander the cottonwood forests where cougars growl, coyotes moan, and eagles dare (wait a minute...that's an advertisement for a local bar). Cold beers, fine wine, and excellent southwest cooking flesh out the nights. And then the party begins. Join us for Carousal XXVI in Arizona!

"Father! Harken! It is Carousal Eve! Oh, father, do please tell us tales of old! Of journeys brave and adventures high! Oh, please, father! We will be so ever grateful!"

"Oh, all right, children...gather around and I will tell you a story as old as time. A tale of liver-busting, of panty-sniffing, of drunken revelry that would embarrass a viking!"

"Oh, yes, father, yes! We would so love to hear the stories of you and your comrades! And when we grow up, father, we can be just like you! Oh, Carousal Eve is such a wonderful, wonderful time!"

"Yes, children, it is. So full of anticipation and tequila lust! Yes, Carousal Eve is a special, special moment in time. As is the Carousal itself, of course! But, children, is very, very important that you always remember - for every Carousal Eve, for every Carousal, indeed, there is always the Post-Carousal, and there is, children, truly, no worse time for a man to be alive!"

Schedule of Activities

Thursday, lit at both ends. Sun and swim. Barf...likely.
Friday, MB ride, lit at both ends. Sun and swim.
Saturday, MB ride, golf, lit at both ends.
Sunday, sun and swim, Jeep ride, awards dinner. Call the police.
Monday, lit at one end, slow taper.

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