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Carousal XXII
San Diego
Blue Sea Lodge
Friday, May 18-
Monday, May 21, 2007

Pete B.
Howard F.
Dennis M.
Brian M.
Mike L.
Scott H.
Mark F.
Mike F.
Gary N.
Kevin W.
Phil B
Joe B.
Craig G.
Mike T.
Ken B.
Kirk H.

"Segway fun, segway fun, segway fun"


Where it's not gone, it's grey - from Craiger

Original Announcement

Unless someone comes up with a good, inexpensive alternative soon, I'm leaning towards joining Messrs. Froehlich and Thorp down in San Diego for the weekend of May 18-21. I'm shot for June and July. Any other takers?

- Pete.

Who's In!

I would love to hear positive RSVP's from Sean, Mark, Ethan, Kirk, Kevin, Dan, Craig, Jeff, Roland, Simon and Bernie. Come on boys, we're going back to our roots, to the sands that spawned this long trip we call the Carousal. Can you believe we've been doing this for 22 f***ing years? The time slips inevitably away, you have no control over the constant tick tock. Now look back. What do you see? There is no shortage of great memories, many hazy with the blanks filled in by photographs or others with a few more brain cells, all good, all fun, whatever the fuck we did. Now look in the mirror. Time, my boy, time is making its mark, like water incessantly flowing over rock. But life, LIFE, is just beginning. It is YOUR life, to invent, create, as an artist fills the canvas. Now look ahead into your future. I'll tell you what I see. I see a man to envy, a man who knows a thing or two, where the ladies vie for a glance or dare say a drink, a knowing, confident, self-assured dude. A man in San Diego on May 18th at Carousal XXII, where glory and fulfillment come immeasurably. Your beginning.

- Howie

What To Do

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