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Carousal XXI
Big Basin State Park
Sequoia Group Site
July 13, 2006

Santa Cruz
Seaway Inn
July 14-16, 2006

"I might need to floss after this meatsicle"

runner-up: "You can get a double for $2 more´┐Ż"


Some of the many Riley took
A couple from Chris
A bunch from Dr Ken

Original Announcement


I heard from the police - they found our collective balls in San Anselmo under some pond scum. Mike F. picked them up and had immediate results: HE MADE A F***ING PLAN!!!!!!

V3 has become SAC 2: Where is your sac?

Santa Cruz, that is: He booked 3 family suites at the Seaway Inn. Two of them sleep 7 persons and one sleeps 6. The price is $269/night/room. We're ready for 20 volunteers. Mike will only keep one room on his credit card. I will hold a second. Who wants to step up for the third???? Howard is looking for a camping spot for Thursday night. They also have 3 rooms left that could sleep 4 persons (2 queen beds) for Carousers 21 through 32. BUT RIGHT NOW WE NEED 20 COMMITMENTS!!! Was your sac in the pond scum OR are you still a lost soul??

STEP UP!!!!!

July 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th.


your humble servant,

editor's note: s.d. went home early Sat night.

Who's In!


The DEEEVINE SANTA CRUUUUUUUUZZZ!!! I'm all over it and as one of the few (only?) single men in our group I believe all of you should be making it a point to get me laid REPEATEDLY.... for your own vicarious pleasure .....of course....NO VIDEO!!! I have my Career to thin.....come to think of it it might HELP!! my reputation as ARTIST to be embroiled in some Saucy SEX- SCandel!!!! Oh MMMYYYYY YES!!! VIDEO REQUIRED!!!!!

a very excited Carouser

editor's note: he never showed up

What To Do

Santa Cruz golfing? How about this place?

Any ballsy scuba divers?


Kayaking? or


Caps, Croquet and Bocce will be played wherever there's the will and the space.

Got it in you??

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