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Catalina Carousal XI
Union Valley Reservoir, Peninsula-Sunset Campground sites 100-104
South Lake Tahoe, Lakeland Village
June 6-9, 1996
"The Mistake By The Lake."



One of the many bocce tourneyments (aka. some of the Carousers didn't get that hard body by June)

Group shot, with friends in fantastic setting

Some studly guys and their bikes

Macho men at the pool


OK....I'll share with the universe how I won the "Doug Breaga Let's Get Naked Award" at CC XI...First of all the caveate that I could not have won it without all of the love and support of my fellow carousers, you love really love me. The first night of the Tahoe debacle was most telling. There was a group of Carousers playing all-terrain bocce ball at the campsite. Drinks in hand, eye steady on the ball..forget that nightfall would play havoc on their game. They threw the marker ball and all caution to the wind...over stumps, through limbs, around passed-out carousers...these guys meant business. I took on a mean pace with drinking. I remember large boulders being tossed about to make room for someone's 4X4. I woke up with a size large carousal hangover (see the carousal cure on the activity page). I thought that the 'gover would temper the rest of the such luck.

One enterprising carouser happened upon a group of females embibing in the same such agenda as ours (drinking, playing, drinking, eating, drinking, more playing, passing out). I became the willing victim of one such nefarious partier. When she suggested that she was in need of a shower (after a hard day at play herself), I suggested instead a soujourn to the public pool. Due to the amount of alcohol in our systems, the idea of swim suits at the time seem ludicrous. So there we were, two healthy specimens, naked in the water. I was a little concerned at first, then instinct took over. Forget the crowd of strangers at poolside, we had business to take care of. After an hour or so we took the festivities inside, but not before half the carousal troop and most of the 1996 Olympic Directors Committee had an eyefull of our bump and grind in the pool. I am only sorry that at the time my antics didn't inspire more carousers to join the fray. With enough effort we really could have given that pool tender something to consider about the job he had chosen to take...This, of all times, would have been the perfect time to reintroduce the love amoeba.

- Mike T.


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