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Catalina Carousal X
Santa Catalina Island
Seaport Village Inn
April 27-30, 1995
"Hey! Don't wipe that on me!"



Scott On The Tee Howie On The Tee Pete On The Tee
Two Craigs & ?? Posing Typical Morning


"The Banana Boat - YYYYYYYiiiiiiipeeeeeeeeeeee!!"

- Scar


"I remember meeting a girl in Catalina who looked just like Jim Plunkett, the old Raider quarterback. You should have seen her eyes when I unveiled it. She kept saying, 'gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!', and I kept saying, 'ah-ah-ah! Not so quick, Jim Plunkett!'. What a nice visit I had."

- Murphy


"First, I see Len running around on the roof of some restaurant. Then, I walk into this dive and see Terry M. spread out on his stomach, lying amongst the filth of the saloon, some tattooed woman "surfing" on his back. Then, we drank a lot of beer. Greg H. was running around with some masseuse. Dave C. and Roland D. did a tongue-dance. And that year's Carousal groupie silently prowled the periphery, lurking, unannounced..."

- Pete


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