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Catalina Carousal XII
Santa Cruz, California
The Dream Inn
May 29 - June 1, 1997
"Searching for Booze in Old Santa Cruz"



In the bar Poker More Poker The Pool
Pool Side Gotta Have One of These Volleyball


After ninety-six consecutive hours of ingesting venomous libations, one begins to wonder if the cerebellum is mixing fact and fantasy into a harmonious rhythm of sights and sounds that neither shock nor scare the soul. Or, as I've just recently discovered, does the cerebellum permit the real and surreal to mix with disturbing fluidity so that viscous rawness of reality becomes blurred and lost in memory, thus allowing the after effects of such moments to seem vague and distant.

One begins to wonder... did I swim naked with the red haired god and his freckled snake... did my man sleep through the awards banquet and miss his moment of recognition... were those shot glasses full of tequila only moments ago and is that salt I taste on my lips...

- Anonymous Carouser

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