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Catalina Carousal VIII
Santa Barbara, California
Casa Del Mar / Sandman at the Beach
May 28-31, 1993
  • Pics
  • Memories

  • "Hey, is anyone drinking as hard as I am?"



    Caps Master Golf Warmup Nice Stance
    Put What In Where? A Real Swinger Golf Studs

    Mike F - Caps

    Finally, a picture of Craig G



    "The croquet match to end all croquet matches. Folks wandering by our beach-front field must have wondered of this beer and mallet set we had become. Our bodies blistering in the heat; half-hearted caps matches opened and died. But the croquet continued, with mallets flailing, and balls rocketing. I think Joe B. and Todd S. took it into extra innings, but the final outcome has been blurred by time. As far as beer consumption went, we were all champions."

    - Pete B.


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