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Catalina Carousal VII
La Jolla, California
Shell Beach Apartment Hotel
June 4-7, 1992
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  • "Hey, don't blame me for that ... I was overserved."


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    - Craig G.

    "Gary N. and Kevin W. were trying to get our new friend (and that year's groupie) Sparkle to give about-to-be-married Howie F. a free strip show (apparently, this was something Howie wasn't very anxious to see). Although luckily unsuccessful, the attempt nevertheless caused quite a ruckus, with the boom box blaring and beer-drenched souls howling. This caused hotel managment to gather and, as it was not their first trip to that room, they had brought some guests: Hotel Security. Well, Gary knew the jig was up, and decided to make the most of it. As Security banged on the door, demanding entrance, Gary assumed the persona of some quasi-drugged out criminal and demanded to see some badges before he was going to open the door. His attitude brought much laughter from his fellow Carousers, and a quick banishment from the hotel. He and K-Bone spent the rest of the evening wandering the streets, eventually finding soft beds on the hood of their rent-a-car."

    - Pete B.

    "One of my favorite and most vivid memories of all Carousals was number VII in La Jolla. Simon B. and I had to leave SF a bit late on the first night of the Carousal, and arrived in the area of the hotel after 9PM. We weren't exactly sure if we were in the right place or where our rooms were, so we went looking for other Carousers. Carousers being Carousers, everybody was out partying. Simon and I circled the block a few times trying to find an entrance, but nobody was home. Resigned to our fate, we circle out front of the rooms to try to dump our stuff someplace. Suddenly I spy a male figure, hunched up on the curb between two cars. At first I think it is just a passerby stopping to rest, but then I hear vomiting. Knowing a Carouser was likely to be close by, I approached the stuperous man, gently wretching over the curb. I bend way over, almost to get a better look at his face. 'Scott?' I call. He looks up at me. 'Ohhhh. Mmm. (almost a whisper.) Hello, Ken.' Carouser Scott H. was confirmed. I knew instantly that we were in the right place."

    - Ken B.


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