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Carousal XXXVII
Downieville, CA
The Carriage House
Sept 15-18, 2022

Pete B. Scott H.
Mike L. Steve H.
Jeff S. Jim G.
Terry M. Mike S.
Kevin W. Pat L.
Len R. David C.
Dan I. Dennis M.
Rob H.  
The Crew at St. Charles Tavern

The Gold Truth of Biffie Joe

A Note from the Organizers:

Jimmy and I bought a gold claim on the Yuba River in Downieville. 19 acres of riverfront and 1 1/2 miles to town. Fishing, golfing, mountain biking and tube/ or raft to town and pull out right at the bar. Fishing is stellar, gold panning and all the stuff. If you don't want to camp, hotel rooms are like 125 bucks (on the high side). Just a thought. It's a great spot.

Camping is great at the property if anyone is still interested in that route. Bring a tube if you want to ride the river into town and pull out at the bar and hamburger stand. The St Charles bar in town could also be called crotch central some weekends and bring your bikes and gold pans.

Other comments:

Maybe we all chip in for a few Honey Buckets.

I'll be camping and fishing and running around in my minors underwear panning for gold! Looking forward to it!

I'm a wee bit concerned about Scott running around in minors underwear. How does that fit a grown-ass man and more importantly, where did he get it?

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