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duluth, minnesota
pier b resort hotel
july 15-18, 2021

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howard f. pete b.
scott h todd s.
steve h. ken b.
mike l. kirk h.
mike f pat l.
dan i. warren c.
craig g. dennis m.
mark g. chris w.
harlan f. joe b.
pier b resort pier b resort

carousers! we're honing in on the details for carousal 2021 in upstate minnesota! we found what looks to be a perfectly-located hotel on lake superior in the canal park area of duluth - it's where all the bars are. we'll have access to boating, fishing, golf, mountain biking, caps, breweries, distilleries, all sorts of mayhem. get that vaccination and tell your people you'll be carousing those dates. it'll be great to see as many of you as we can.

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