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santa catalina island
june 7-10, 2001
"hey, sorry about that. how about we pay for your meal? will that make you forget about this little incident?"


m.i.a. (kinda looks like catalina?!?)



" best recolection of the entire weekend was that of the caps tournament an the ensuing one on one match between howard and myself.

"the tournament began innocent enough. middle aged men competing in a freindly drinking game. it was not played as it was 20 years ago where one team simply accepted all challenges and the last team standing was the victor. no....this time there was pre determined teams with a ladder....double elimination..... an organized event. we all believed that we were mature enough to act appropriately and maintain our dignity. usual....our age made no diference......dignity was thrown off the balcony shortly after round 1. it was as if we were in a time warp....yelling screaming. wetting our pants rather than lose the game to forfeiture for leaving our post during a match. i have no specific memories due to the amount of alcohol that was consumed....but i am sure that others must....please share!!

"it was beautiful"
- roland

- roland

"our destruction of the bocce field deserves mention. coming out in the foggy morning to see yellow-police tape surrounding what was once a nice rectangle of now looked as if some saturation bombing had occurred (plus the fact many people had relieved themselves through the grate in the middle)."
- pete

"let's see!
carousal + memories = hmmmm!"
- kirk

"ahh, that warms my heart. takes me back to that gentle, tropical catalina night when i struggled to prevent gary from engaging the locals and tourists in random brawling, rather than his usual jocular conversation. of course, he eventually wandered off into the dark alone, leaving murphy and i to ponder possible bail amounts. man, good times."
- deils

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