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Catalina Carousal XV
Cabo San Lucas
Plaza Las Glorias

June 22-25, 2000

It's all over but the memories and souvenirs

ATVs More ATVs Dune Jump Post Ride Fishin'
Awards Dinner Gathering The Office Elbow Bender Hangin'
Carousal Joy Carousal Love Bongo! The Negotiation Futile Chase
Bachelorette Tonsil Check Bigum Alert

Bongo Fan The Dive Crew The Dive Crew 2 Post Dinner Elbow Bender 2
John Ethan Scar Harlan The Organizer
Pool Bar Slick Len Heading Home Heading Home 2

"I believe Hell can be defined as going on a daily shopping adventure with Joe J. It is for this reason alone I perpetually strive to be good."
-Craig G.

"Craig G. seriously working someone's grandma; Stumbling into Dagley in the middle of the night down by the water as he dabbled with the unknown; Hearing about the vomit-drenched fishing and dive trips and thanking the gods I was too hung over to make either boat; Playing a twilight game of caps in the sand and knowing my shot was happening; watching Gary buy whatever cheap-ass trinket was thrown his way; Making it back to the US with everything intact."
-Pete B.

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