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Catalina Carousal II
Santa Catalina Island
Hotel Atwater
April 12-14, 1987
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    NEW! Pictures from Creech

    Pre-party, San Diego...THE MASTER Pre-party, San Diego...Roland at rest Ahoy!
    Caution, men at work! Our Founder Golf Cart Self Portrait
    Hey, we're lost Simon...with women! Creech, down for the count
    Pete and Howie pre-dive Phil B. ...ladies man Post Dive
    Howie's Sad...we're leaving    


    "Carousal two... first gary n. and i convinced a budding lesbian to make the trip with us. then i met the short hispanic girl who kept walking down the hallways of the atwater wearing nothing but a towel and always dripping wet. well, as some of you know, i bedded that wench, but it was all cut short when she said to me "it feels just like when my daddy does it to me" no lie, that about did it for me, couple of words about counceling and i was headed towards the beers. You know, that stuck with me a couple of days that trip. I wasnt able to get over it untill i banged the lesbian for the price of a lunch."

    - Mike T.


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