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catalina carousal i
santa catalina island
hotel atwater
march 2-6, 1986
"gentleman, let the carousal begin!"



caps match 1 caps match 2 caps match 3


"ok, here we go. my memories dont include waking up in strange places like mayor mayer. i remember carousal one for the mere fact of meeting howie (the organizer). we were driving to get more beer (this was before the trip). howie was driving about 65 mph in a 35mph, which didnt in and of itself worry me. what worried me was when he opened up the drivers door, stuck his head down and said to me "i think the back tires are making some wierd noises" and proceeded stick his head back down and out of the door. that's what i liked about howie, after i hauled him back into the car, he shut the door and slowed down to at least 60....that's the kind of understanding guy howie face="verdana">- amazon casket review

"i remember len r. and i doing one last dive for the day off of the avalon breakwater at catalina island...we went down about 80' to take a last look at the shipwreck valiant. after the dive, we wearily gathered up our gear and wrestled it back to the hotel atwater, our housing for that year's horror show.

stumbling up the stairs, we heard what at first was a dull roar. as we approached our floor, the sounds of music and much merriment became clearer. reaching our destination, the following scene unfolded: all carousers, engaged in various games of caps, sprawled out all over the hallway and doorways; young women running around with cans of beer, filling each carouser's cup after it had been drained. ted nugent's "free for all" was screaming out of someone's boombox.

as len and i entered the scene, we were toasted by our drunken comrades, and cold beers were quickly thrown our way. it was right out of some sort of old viking drink-fest. that moment of controlled mayhem, of comradery, of music, laughter, and kick out the jams, sums up the carousal ethic for me. onward!"

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