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Carousal XXXI
Boseman, Montana
The Lark Bozeman
June 23-26, 2016

Pete B. Mike L.
Howard F. Joe B.
Scott H. Steve H.
Kirk H. Pat L.
Mark G. Mike T.
Harlan Ken B.
Dan I. Craig G.
Bozeman, MT

Tales of Carousal Eve

"Father! Harken! It is Carousal Eve! Oh, father, do please tell us tales of old! Of journeys brave and adventures high! Oh, please, father! We will be so ever grateful!"

"Oh, all right, children...gather around and I will tell you a story as old as time. A tale of liver-busting, of panty-sniffing, of drunken revelry that would embarrass a viking!"

"Oh, yes, father, yes! We would so love to hear the stories of you and your comrades! And when we grow up, father, we can be just like you! Oh, Carousal Eve is such a wonderful, wonderful time!"

"Yes, children, it is. So full of anticipation and tequila lust! Yes, Carousal Eve is a special, special moment in time. As is the Carousal itself, of course! But, children, is very, very important that you always remember - for every Carousal Eve, for every Carousal, indeed, there is always the Post-Carousal, and there is, children, truly, no worse time for a man to be alive!"

"And the world did abide and waited patiently for the chaos to tumble forth....a veritable frothy cataclysmic belching out of all that was good and merry and joyful and brimming with the goodness that only the sensual beauty of good cold ale can bring. And the substance of this intestinal orgasm turned towards the land called Montana, and it called out 'Carousal?' and it was answered by the howl of wolves and snapping winds and rogue waves of rivers running with foresight and brisk shaving and the lapping that would eventually bring about the whores and then everything would be fine."
- Thoreau

To start off the next decade of The Carousal, we've chosen a new destination, this one a bit wilder than the those of the past. Surrounded by stately mountain ranges and only 90 miles from Yellowstone, the charming and folksy Bozeman is awash in outdoor pleasures. River rafting, mountain biking, hiking, golf, wildlife stalking, and some of the best fishing in the world make it an ideal destination for the Carouser. That and the abundance of saloons and bars to wet one's whistle after or while enjoying those aforementioned repasts. Come join us! This is one Carousal that you can incorporate a family trip onto the back or front end - show the kids a bison that morning and then get hammered with your brothers that night.

This is truly a land where grizzlies show up not just in the morning toilet bowl after a night of bad diet decisions! Start booking those flights! See you in the high country, Brothers!

Bozeman, MT Big Sky Brewing
Rafting Golfing
Mt Biking Fishing

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