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Carousal XXVIII
Calistoga, CA
Chelsea Garden Inn
July 18-21, 2013

Howie Dennis M.
Pete B. Len R.
Todd S. Gary N.
Joe B. Jim G.
Scott H. Terry M.
Steve H. Kevin W.
Dave G. Dave C.
Dagley Sean D.
Pat L. Kirk H.
Mike F. Craig T.
Mike L. Dan I.
Dr. Ken Chris W.
Brian M.  
Calistoga Mt Biking
Balloon rides Geyser

"Let me get this thing worked up and then you can sit on it".


A few good shots

The time is near...

We thirst for beer....

Bocce under the stars that shine....

We revel in tankards of ale and mugs of wine...

Caps will fly, bike gears will cry, flailing golf clubs flung towards the sky...

Howie, smiling, hammered, debating the next move - bourbon or rye?

From the days of yore, when tribes of Patwin and Wappo worked the earth, and through the reigns of the Spanish, the Mexicans, the early Californios, and today�s Masters of All Things Viticulture, the Napa Valley has watched many a sun set on bacchanals filled with wine, women and song. This year, the hamlet known as Calistoga will play host to the annual Carousal, exposing the Valley to the decadence Carousers have honed like a blunt instrument throughout the years. Golf, mountain biking, Frisbee, rural bocce, and more casks of wine than you can imagine, all near the mighty Russian River, the perfect place to kayak, fish, or just drift. Come, Brothers�.come join us in the Wine Country for a long weekend of grape-fueled merriment and high adventure! Come to Calistoga for the 2013 Carousal XXVIII!

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