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catalina carousal iv
santa barbara, california
sandman at the beach
may 11-14, 1989
"take 'er easy and beware the hurl..."

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"pete, i noticed under the activities/diving page you list me as an ab plucker that didn't get caught. actually, i didn't pluck anything that day because i was too busy puking through my regulator. i brought "feeding the fish" to a new dimension. i also found that diving is a great cure for sea sickness aggrivated by a mean hangover."

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"i remember being in sambo's (it's politically-incorrect existence based on its apparent "historic value"[?]), having a solid-carouser breakfast (lots of fat, lard, grease, tallow, and other byproducts of rendered animals) and coffee, when in stumbled a couple of carousers. their eyes looked a little wild; i suspected (and correctly so, it turns out) some chemical impropriety. these gentlemen attempted in vain to blend in and have something to eat. not to be. the idiotic behavior of everyone else in the restaurant (i.e., normal; drug-free) battered their sensitive brains, and they beat a hasty retreat. later, on the warm sands, these walking pharmaceutical-playgrounds yukked it up in freedom, casting their besotted brains to the four winds. plus, i think they all had gotten chicks by this time."

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