Carousal Score Card

Here is a record of how many Carousals each person has attended.
Last updated July 9, 2019

Howard F.


Pete B.


Scott H.

Ken B.

Kirk H.

Craig T.
Mike L.

Dan I.
Mike F.
Mike T.

Joe B.
Todd S.

Terry M.

Dennis M.
Gary N.

John M.
Kevin W.
Len R.
Mike V.
Sean C.

Craig G.
Sean D.

Chris W.
Mark G.

David C.
Jeff C.
Phil B.

Brian M.
Harlan F.
Simon B.
Steve H.

11 - Seeing Double

Pat L.

10 - The Bo Dereks

David De.
Roland D.
Warren C.

Joe J.

Greg H.
Jim G.

Tom J.

Dave G.
Mark F
Brad Green

Frank Murray
Ken Flax

Mark Hahs
Kevyan Lajevardi
Ethan Miller
Doug Norton
Dave Riley
Peter Sprankle

Bernie B.
Clint G.
Tom Conneely
Jeff DeLeon
Chip Erickson
Ian Gilmartin
Peter Kaufman
Joe Mayer
Dave Woodworth
Bob Zart

Scott G.
Andy Bachich
Dave McInnis
Doug (Joe J.'s friend)
Jeff Solomon
Chris R.
Jonathan ?
Sean Backus
Doug Brega
Warren Brevity
Dave Brown
Jim Call
Don Clancy
Dan Davidson
Fred Domquist Fred?  He's that carouser who is always lurking around the fringes...offers to do your laundry, and then "loses" your can find him at the end of the bar, surreptitiously slurping up the liquor run-off from the bar rag whenever the tender turns his or her back...the guy whose cries from behind the bathroom door of "stop the flow...please, dear god, stop the flow..." echo down the hallways...  Oh, yes. Fred Domquist.  Human Habitrail.
Glen Dowling
Greg Everage
Brian Ewing
Steve "Sluggo" Garnet
Sam Ham
Mike Hickox
Max Hopkins
Max Kemsley
Jose Lima
Kenny McDill
Scott McLain
Smith Miller
Ash Narayan
Eoin O'Halloran
Todd Randolph
Mark Rickenbaugh
Todd Shollenbarger
Dan Smith
Mark Smith
Tom Sousa
Kevin Taylor
Mark Tessum
Sam Wedge
Malcolm W.
Steve "Dirty" Williams

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