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hang over time hang over time when first thinking of hangovers, often times one wonders 'how in the fuck did i let this happen to me again'. as you ponder your dilema you suddenly realize that there are a bunch of guys hunched over in your room feeling the same way. your foggy brain begins to realize, yes-oh yes, yes, yes i'm on carousal but saddly this is the morning we part from are annual male bonding and camaraderie.

three nights and three days of drinking, carousing, punishing women, smoking, and bonding. there is nothing quite like the three-day hangover. i truly cherish it, especially when mixed with gar mouth. you know that quit essential taste after you've been smoking cheap stoggies. the hang over and puke laden shirt are to felt and worn like a badge of honor.

it is due to this badge that you can re-live your whole carousal experience. by looking at the stains in your clothes you can remember what you ate where you've been and what you've done. its like re-living the whole experience over again. once a year i am donned with a new shirt that will become my roadmap of carousal events. i look forward to this years hangover in santa cruz.

cure for the carousal hangover:
cure for the carousal hangover:
4 beers
3 shots tequilla
2 stoggies
1 chew of tobacco

did you ever realize that during carousal cxxii, for a complete year of our life we will have been drunk together! looking forward to that day and this coming may 29th.

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