fine dining

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fine dining caps cap the only thing bigger than a carouser's appetite for destruction is his appetite for food. carousers are known throughout for their good taste but correspondingly poor table manners. look to the activities page to find out why the carouser's appetite is so voracious. the typical breakfast for the carouser is beer. face it, look on the can, it's cereal. by lunch, with hours of mountain bike riding, scuba diving, tennis, golf, full contact beach vollyball, or all terrain bocce ball behind him, the typical carouser is ready for his first full meal. since lunch is just a meal in between more fun activities not much attention is paid to it. usually something that will compliment a high methane output is chosen (adding to the coming evenings entertainment) which for most carousers means fast food. last year (cc11-lake tahoe) saw a whole new advent of culinary adventures for the carousal. scott h. was smart enough to hire a man servent jose to cater the event. this brought a whole new level to the commraderie typically enjoyed. i hope to see this as an annualaddition to the carousal.

and now to dinner...this is where the hard and now to dinner...this is where the hard charging carousers excel and the typical public trembles with abject horror. why should we hold back our merriment at the dinner table? this large group of intellects and infidels has spent a whole year working their respective asses off in the name of commerce. this is the weekend we take it all back, proclaiming our devine right to enjoy ourselves to the limit. the food is as complicated as the crowd (i.e. not very). don't forget that the truely ritzy places have matre de's that act as defacto barriers of entry (much like the alps proved a barrier to the visigoths).

a decade plus of debauchery,d ebutantes, delitorious drinking, and delectable decadence.
long live the carousal.

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